Success Story: Ekta Arya Earns 30 Thousand Monthly with her Skills
Ekta Arya Almora

Almora’s Ekta made her mark as a progressive Aipan Artist

Improved its own economy and also provided employment to some women

CNE Reporter, Almora: Ekta Arya, a resident of cultural city Almora, has been interested in various forms of art since childhood. Keeping the dedication and interest intact, today Ekta has emerged as an emerging Aipan artist and has taken up Aipan as a venture. She is now earning a monthly income of Rs 30 thousand from this venture. Not only this, he has also provided employment to 5-6 women.

As per her interest, Ekta practiced a lot in Aipan and also took training. When there is dedication and passion, the skill automatically finds a way to progress. Similarly, Rural Business Incubator (RBI) located at Hawalbagh became an assistant for Ekta Arya. It is known that many types of enterprise based online trainings, facilities like Udyam Aadhaar, GST registration etc. are provided by RBI. Through the online training of this institute, Ekta got acquainted with the intricacies of business. From here a new thought awakened in her mind and he decided to make Aipan an enterprise.

According to the information received from the District Development Office, the Incubator Center’s collaboration prepared a pitch for Ekta’s business. In the year 2022, under the guidance of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Ekta was made to participate in the Gullak program organized in Dehradun. In which Ekta’s products received a lot of appreciation. Ekta also received a grant of Rs 25,000 for better products. Ekta carried forward her work and today Ekta has emerged as a successful entrepreneur. She is selling her products locally, online, in exhibitions and fairs etc. This spirit of unity, dedication and protection towards the art is taking it to great heights. Who has now been recognized as a progressive Aipan artist at the state level.

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