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Subject – This incident is of December 10, 2022 happened in Almora district of Uttarakhand state of India. Which has proved that dogs are man’s best friend.

In the mountainous areas of Uttarakhand, Bhotia dogs (Jhabru dogs), known as the enemies of tiger-leopard, have presented a great example of their loyalty. These dogs not only rescued the goat from the jaws of the leopard, but also saved the life of their owner who was in a difficult situation.

In fact, the Bhotia dogs deployed in the herd of goats along with the shepherds in the forest of Kaligarh belt played an important role in saving the life of the shepherd who was injured in last night’s attack by Guldar. This incident proves how courageous and loyal these Jhabru or Bhotia dogs living in the hilly areas are.

Let us inform that a group of sheep herders from Garhwal had reached Almora district in the past. These people were staying here for the night near Dwarason on the Majkhali Highway. Meanwhile these shepherds pitched their tents in the forest of Kaligarh and engaged their dogs to guard the sheep and goats.

It has been told that many shepherds went to sleep after preparing food at night. In which Double Singh, Yashpal Singh Negi etc. were included. The shepherds told that during the night a leopard suddenly appeared from somewhere. Who ambushed and attacked the herd of goats. Leopard caught a goat in its jaws.

It is also worth mentioning here that the shepherds who take care of these sheep and goats are also very courageous. To save the leopard from the jaws of the goat, a shepherd Yashpal ran to the leopard. Seeing this, the leopard pounced on the shepherd. After which the scene changed. The leopard was now fiercely attacking the shepherd along with the goat. He also attacked the shepherd with his nails and his teeth.

In such a difficult time, hearing the sound, a pack of Bhotia dogs came there and pounced on the leopard. Seeing this, the leopard ran away leaving the goat and the shepherd in injured condition. Had the dogs not arrived in time, the picture could have turned out to be dire.

Here, on getting information about the incident, Rajendra Prasad, a forest worker posted at Dwarson Chowki, came to the spot them. He admitted the injured in a vehicle to the civil hospital. According to the doctors, now the condition of the shepherd is out of danger. He has been badly injured by the leopard (guldar).

It should be known that these shepherds carrying sheep, goats and dogs are known as Shoka tribe. It is a group of nomadic people. comes to Almora every year. Their first night halt in Ranikhet is Kaligarh, while the second one is Bhatraujkhan. Dogs living near them are very loyal and travel long distances.